I teach  variety of evening classes and one day workshops in ceramics

Small classes, friendly atmosphere , all materials and firing included



Sunday March 4th 2-4.30 pm Make a Roman oil lamp,

Mondays March 5th-April 16th 7pm Introduction to Ceramics 6 week course  

 Saturday 24th March 1.15pm-2.45pm and 3.13pm-4.45pm Plant themed pottery workshop, part of Hey Clay!

Wednesday 7th March 6.30-9pm Make a Roman Oil lamp

Sunday April 8th 2-4.30 pm Make a Roman oil lamp,

As well as the courses I have an evening class for potters with some experience on Tuesdays.

I also occasionally run a Raku Course for those who have attended the Intro course  . Contact me for more info

See what we've been up to in evening classes in The Potting Shed on Instagram

Here is where I share what my talented students have been up to..... and also on the instagram link above

Paul's thrown bowls and crushed glass inlaid tile
I've made some new coloured slips for decoration
Amy's woven bowls, thrown work and sgraffitto birds
Lyn's paper resist bowls
Gosia's thrown bowls
A public workshop I did at Cody Dock
November 2015 raku firing, Miranda's dishes
Post firing reduction in sawdust
Fiona's stunning raku jewellery
Lyn's uplighting wall Vase
Gosia's sgrafitto tile
Paul's thrown bowl
Gosia throwing, me butting in!
Raku firing Nov 19th
Amy's coil built tapas bowls

On 30th June, one of the hottest days of the year so far we did some raku firings. Raku is a very exciting and quick process compared to the electric kiln. The pots are rapidly fired to 1000 degrees in less than half an hour. The pieces are removed red hot from the kiln using tongs are then plunged into something combustible like sawdust, which ignites from the heat of the pottery, as it burns; it takes oxygen from the clay body and glaze. This reducing atmosphere produces the distinctive smoked body and crackle and metallic glaze finish for which raku is renown.

Kiln set up and ready to go, it is fueled by the propane bottle . We like to eat well in the evening class so home made quiche and salad
The kiln is made from a dustbin, ceramic fibre and nichrome wire (see my blog for 'how to') the pyrometric cones are used to gauge the right temperature
Adele checking the torch. The kiln has a hoist system with a heavy counterweight ( rusty thing on right of kiln), this makes it easy to lift up when the right temperature is reached
The ' A 'team for kiln lighting! Lyn in gas bottle and Fiona on Torch
Fiona checking the flame path of the torch, it should hit the back wall of the kiln unimpeded and circulate around the kiln
30 minutes later....Hooray!We've reached 1000 degrees. Amy lifting the kiln with the hoist

You can see how hot it is inside the kiln when its opened- that white glow is the kiln furniture and props. this is a later firing, we did four firing that evening
The pots are unloaded with tongs and put into metal containers with sawdust.
The pots have to be unloaded quickly so they don't lose heat. Fi and I with the tongs, Lyn in the background ready to throw sawdust

Small pieces or jewellery are placed on ceramic trays so the whole thing can be picked up to save time
Dropping the jewellery pieces into the sawdust container. they will be smothered in sawdust then the container sealed to create a reducing atmosphere
Unloaded kiln ready for more pots, you can just see the melted cone on the right of the top shelf
Re packing the kiln, trying to be as quick as we can !
Later.... the pieces are unearthed form the sawdust. We wear gauntlets are we are too impatient to let them cool down impatient!

The pieces come out sooty and black and have to scrubbed with wire wool

This is some of Amy's jewellery

Some of Adele's beautiful dishes and Amy's jewellery, now cleaned
Amy's and Fi's? jewellery
What a great night! we all went home smelling of bonfires!
Lyn's soapdishes- beautiful!
Adele's dishes in all their glittering glory Lyn's dishes and jewellery yet to clean up



 Some more work done in the evening class

 Fi's earrings
  Robbie and Fi's sgrafitto and inlay tiles and thrown bowls
 Amy's  mirror before it was glazed
 Lyn's slip cast bowl and handbuilt wall vase
 Can't remember who threw this on the wheel
 Work in progress by  Adele, a planter for succulents AKA 'the handbag'
Adele's box
 ! This little pot of Adele's has now been in to the kiln 4 times! but eventually turned out wonderful